National Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop organized in RGU

2003       National Workshop on Biodiversity Research: Challenges, strategies and future prospect. Organizing secretary, Rajiv Gandhi University (Formerly Arunachal University).

2006       National Seminar on Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge. Organizing Secretary, Rajiv Gandhi University (Formerly Arunachal University).

2013       Workshop on :Molecular structure determination using x-ray crystallography -theory and hands on experience.

2013       Organizing Secretary: National Seminar on :Bioresource Utilization and Biodiversity Conservation

2014       Organize workshop on: Hand on training on 2D SDS-PAGE and data analysis

2016       Director, International conference on “ Global Biodiversity, Climate Change and Sustainable  Development” Organized by Center with Potential for Excellence in Biodiversity, Rajiv

Gandhi University