Supervising Students for Ph.D. and M.Phil Degree

Supervising Students for Ph.D. Degree


2006 Study of polygonum hydropiper linn. root extract on fertility regulation in female albino rat (awarded)


2010       A study on endometrial protein and hepatic enzymes in response to traditional herbal preparation for abortifacient effect (awarded)


2010       Study of phylogeographic and genetic variation of Papilio polytes (lepidoptera: papilionidae) in eastern Himalayan biodiversity hot spot of Arunachal Pradesh (awarded)


2010     A study on effect of Tamoxifen on expression of endometrial protein and Transforming Growth Factor-β (I & II) in albino rat uterus (Awarded).


2010     Study on expression pattern of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in uterine tissues and fetal-maternal interface during periimplantation in albino mice (Awarded).


2011       Effect of Polygonum hydropiper root extract on endometrial protein expression during pre and post implantation period in female albino rat (awarded)

2011       Experimental validation of fertility regulation and toxicological effect of crude root extract of Piper L. on female albino rat (awarded)


2012       Study on effect of estradiol-17β and progesterone on insulin like growth factor (IGF) expression during pre and post implantation period in female albino rat (awarded)


2012      A Study on the status assessment of the Higher Vertebrates in Talley Valley Wild Life Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh (Awarded).


2012   Inhibitory efficacy of selected medicinal plant extract on testosterone induced benign prostatic hyperplasia in albino rat (awarded)


2013      Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 (flk-1/kdr) during  periimplantation period in albino mice uterus (Awarded).


2013      A study on effect of Scoparia dulcis leaf extract on expression of endometrial Insulin-Like Growth Factor-II (IGF-II) and decidualization during periimplantation in albino mice (Awarded).


2014     A Study on ovarian steroid independent protein expression during periimplantation in mice uterus (Submitted).


2014     Study on effects of Scoparia dulcis Linn. extract on HOXA10 expression in mice uterus  during periimplantation period (On going)


2017 Effect of Cynoglossum zeylanicum Lehm. Root bark extract on fetal maternal tissue and expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) during early gestation in mice (on going)


2018     Study on effects of phytocompounds on embryo development and fetal-maternal cellular proliferation during early gestation (d4-d7) in mice. (On going)


2018 Study on effects of natural phytocompounds on spatio-temporal expression of Wnt in fetal-maternal tissue during peri implantation (D4-D7) in mice (On going)


2019   A study on molecular mechanism of action of phytosteroids  from Cynoglossum zeylanicum through estrogen and progesterone receptors in fetal maternal tissue (d1 – d7) of  mice embryo development (On going)


2019 Study on molecular mechanism of action of phytosteroids from Dysozylum alliarium mediating ovarian steroid receptors pathway during mice embryo development (d1 – d7) (On going)


Supervising Students for M.Phil Degree:


2012 Species diversity, population density and major threats to birds in Papum Pare districts in Arunachal Pradseh ( Awarded).


2016 Study on Estrogenic Effect of Cynoglossum zeylanicum root extract in mice uterus and in silico analysis of chromatographic fractions for estrogen receptors binding affinity (awarded).


2019 A study on steroidogenic property of root extract of Lasia spinosa and its effect on uterus and ovary of female albino mice (Awarded).